Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sorry for the long hiatus

sorry for the long hiatus...much has happened since I wrote my February post on tribute to journalism...since my blog is called a traveler, I am literally traveling.  I had gone in march to attend a wedding and then returned two weeks later but came down with a stomach flu and all manners of difficulty which I can mention in the blog but would be giving too much away.... be that as it may.

I have taken up courses at the Islamic Online University in aqeedah, fiqh, tajweed, and Arabic. As far as personal development goes, I still have a ways to go and I know I was suppose to be blogging about that...well I am still at square one didn't budge forward for that matter

There was a time period since I got back where I was terrified due to some circumstances and had curbed my drama watching behavior but that was indeed fleeting.

The problem with my soul or character is that I am like a pingpong going from one extreme to another so to speak. If I have done a sin, I'll try to do a good deed, hoping that it will cancel out the sin and lets say mathematically you do:
-1+1=0 you are back to square zero..where I kinda remain...
so I don't really aspire to improve..

ever since I was a child I lacked in akhlaaq surprisingly even though I am my mother's biological child and my younger brother was an epitome of akhlaaq or personality(I don't want to say character here because I did have that alhamdulillaah, telling the truth, integrity, accepting of flaws, not cursing). So I started making duaa day in and day out for Allaah SWT to give me better akhlaaq. Smiling was easy for me as I lived a sheltered life and was always cheerful, optimistic, happy. However, the thing that got me messed up was my tongue and lack of patience....so now I am praying for control of my tongue and getting some patience....
because literally I don't know how to be patient...
do you?

if anyone reads this blog at all please don't be shy, send me a comment good or bad, critique or smile..just wanna know if I am sharing anything with anyone :)

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