Thursday, July 4, 2013

Blessed Jumuah

Today I learned my lesson....I started to muse about what life would have been like x, y, z way who how and when but then as I was crossing the threshold of my kitchen floor(I had forgotten there was water spilled on the marble floor) I slipped and fell.  I said aloud in the name of Allaah(bismillaah), which gave me strength not to feel the pain from the fall. As I got up however, I realized my musing of a different now based on a different past was a mirage, fleeting image and so I prayed to Allaah SWT and I am sharing this with you my non existing viewers:   Oh Allaah reward me with patience for what I did not achieve in this world and to give me better than what I wanted in Jannah. Please forgive me my sins and rectify my behavior and be thankful for what I have and not look for or yearn for what I do not possess.


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