Monday, September 2, 2013

Although 5 to 6 years old but still holds true today....

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It makes me happy to know there are Americans like these with a conscience. Indeed, all people of conscience should take heed and not let yesterday's horror be repeated again and again. The fact that this occupation has not ended shows for real the elitist decide how to use our poor to advance their desires or cause. Young soldiers that wanted to get an affordable education and scholarship were played by these elitists and some never got that education and many in the process lost their conscience and mind.

At the end of the day, Allaah SWT(God Almighty) will judge them on the day of judgment for an eternal abode. As the expression goes, their noose is light right now but it will be tightened anytime and only by Allaah SWT. So let these elitists buid up their sins and then have accountability for them.

Same goes for other militaries around the world that are doing dhulm(oppression) on their own people and killing innocents in Syria, Egypt, Myanmar(on the minority Rohingya people) and many more areas. Only God Almighty will judge them and His Retribution is the Most Just.

For now, just be happy that there are people of conscience out there. Dear readers never lose your conscience. And for a muslim or any person the greatest quality to develop is taqwa or total conscientiousness of your actions before Allaah SWT in every dealing in your life so that you never hurt even a fly or a cochroach.