Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tribute to journalism

Since it is easier to write about more aaah 'attractive' topics, i will be copying the link to AlJazeera's movie on targeting journalism. I marvel at those brave souls because it is just as worthy a battle or fight to get the truth out and share it with the world:

Warning: graphic images will be seen in this film on journalism, I wish I had not seen it at all. The most painful was the cruel shooting 2007 in Iraq by American LYING pilots who shot journalists and cameramen and drivers on site in Iraq in execution style( How incredibly sick no wonder there is a rise in mental illnesses and PTSD among the soldiers, why  wouldnt there be? would God let them live peacefully after how they lie, cheat, abuse,and  treat people inhumanely). The chilling image of war released courtesy of wikileak.

The above link was another one. why am I still watching this gruesome stuff, does not do much for personal development does it? Subhanallaah(Glory to God Almighty)

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